Madison's Best Live Rock Performer 2014 Madison Area Music Awards

The Onion / AV CLUB 12/15/2012
"If Venus in Furs took its name from the Velvet Underground song, it certainly wasn't because of the psychedelic dirge is indicative of its sound. The band takes the world by the hair and whips it through a hyperactive post-punk, surf-rock wall of sound"

MadTracks: 'Death of Disco' by Venus in Furs (video)
The Daily Page 9/28/2012
"Death of Disco" shows off their dark side as they stage a funeral for the musical genre that spawned the Bee Gees, ABBA and Chic. Don't freak out, though: Between grisly shots of a wake and a burial, you'll see an adorable bunny and other whimsical details that prove that these tough, tuneful gals are big ol' softies after all."

Soundcheck: Venus in Furs smash guitars and glass ceilings with rock 'n roll
DANE 101 9/24/2012

The Top Ten Madison Bands That You've Probably Never Heard Of
DANE 101 12/28/2011

Venus in Furs is the kind of band that I used to think “man, if we ever share a bill with them we’ve finally really made it.”  Read Full Review

Venus in Furs: Local all-girl band hearkens back to eras of disco, post-punk, surf rock
BADGER HERALD 10/11/2011

"When they hit the stage, it’s a high-energy catharsis for everyone at the venue. For the band and the audience, the physical demand of a show comes close to that of, well, roller derby. Audience engagement takes a high priority." Read Full Review

Venus in Furs crash a male-dominated scene
THE ISTHMUS 09/01/2011

"Twenty years after Bikini Kill help launch the feminist punk movement riot grrrl, rock bands made up entirely of women remain uncommon. So there's reason to take notice of Venus in Furs' debut CD release party at the Frequency on Sept. 2". Read Full Review

Venus in Furs

"Far from the sunny Californian coast, these gals captured the essence and sound of surfer rock-n-roll but with a slight twist - feminine-powered punk". Read Full Review

Venus in Furs: part rock show, part dance party
77 SQUARE 08/11/2010

"Venus in Furs is an all-female trio, but at one point at a recent show at the Inferno, the drummer was all by herself onstage. Both bassist Nat and the guitarist Vic waded deep into the dancing, surging crowd, as swept up in the moment as their fans."Read Full Review

Venus in Furs seek dance dance revolution
THE ISTHMUS 07/15/2010

"Bassist Nat Hinckley is on a mission: to get Madison concertgoers to stop slouching and start dancing. To achieve this goal, she's bred dance-punk and surf rock to create Venus in Furs.."
Read Full Review